AC repair & maintenance on the Gold Coast

Energex positive payback

We can help you receive up to $400 cash back from Energex

Positive Payback is a program run by Energex to provide opportunities to make your household more efficient. One of these opportunities is PeakSmart air-conditioning which was introduced to the market in 2013.

To make your air-conditioner PeakSmart compatible we install a signal receiver that on a few hot days a year will enable Energex to signal your air-conditioner to reduce consumption for an hour or so. This is the same as switching your air-conditioner to economy mode.

Past experience shows customer comfort is not impacted. Energex do this to future proof the network and reduce the need to build costly infrastructure which drives your electricity prices up.

Once we install the signal receiver you will be eligible for up to $400 in cash back from Energex. There are also cash backs available for connecting your pool pump or hot water system to an economy tariff and these may save you money on your electricity bill. For more information contact us or click on the Positive Payback logo above.

An AC repair expert in Nerang

Commercial or domestic air conditioning units are quickly and easily maintained by our team of qualified electricians and experienced refrigeration experts.


Air conditioners work silently in the background but they do work hard. Regular maintenance can keep your air conditioner operating to its full capacity when you need it most.

With our ongoing maintenance you:

  • Maintain the air quality of your air-conditioning system
  • Improve system reliability and efficiency all year round
  • Extend the working life of your airconditioning and ventilation Equipment
  • Reduce operation costs while maintaining a high level of performance

Day/Night Electrical offers maintenance programs for all types of installations.

  • Commercial offices
  • Residential buildings and domestic applications
  • Industrial complexes
  • Retail stores

Residential Air Conditioning

We can help with all your residential air conditioning installation, repair and service needs, including ducted and split systems. We will maintain and service your system from when we install it and even advise you when the annual maintenance is due, making ownership easier.

Commercial Air Conditioning

For all your commercial air conditioning installation, repairs and service needs, Day/Night is definitely the answer on the Gold Coast. Our highly skilled engineering and installation staff can help with design too, at the very start of your project.

Service and Maintenance

It doesn't matter who has done your original installation, our service and maintenance team of qualified technicians provides realistic solutions for all makes and models of air conditioning.