Important Tips

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Test your Safety Switches

The Queensland Government is calling on landlords to do their bit to keep their tenants safe by having safety switches installed on all circuits. A safety switch can prevent a serious electric shock to someone in the premises – that could be you, your tenant or their family, or a tradie carrying out work there. Remember too - if you aren't a landlord but live in your own home - your life is just as important!

Safety switches turn off the electricity within milliseconds when a current leak is detected. This can happen if a faulty power point, wiring or electrical appliance is being used. Circuit breakers and fuses on the other hand protect the circuitry.

It’s important to test your safety switch every three months. This video takes you through the steps to test your safety switch.

Save on your Power Bill

Day/Night will maintain your circuits and equipment to the highest standards, but then you should ask yourself this question: What could you afford by saving on your electricity bill? Check out this video and follow its instructions. You will be happy with the results when your next power bill comes around.