Get aggressive with cutting your energy bill

Tired of paying too much for your electricity? Maybe it’s time to get aggressive. Time to start fighting your power bill and give yourself a welcome bonus in reduced costs every time it comes around.

The good news is you’re not alone. Both the Australian and Queensland governments have plenty of information, published on the web, that can help you save money.

In May of last year, the Queensland Productivity Commission published their electricity pricing enquiry results. It contained many interesting facts, figures and conclusions. If you are prepared to wade through 413 pages of findings and recommendations, click on this link, start reading and you are bound to find a multitude of ideas to your benefit.

But an even easier way is to check on your supplier and one of the fastest methods is to click on this link to Compare the Market and get ready to start the good fight.

They highlight many interesting facts on the energy industry in Queensland. More importantly, they also supply you with the welcome opportunity to compare energy providers.

With compare the Market you pay nothing and they have made the process easy to understand, saving you time while you look for a better deal. You can easily compare plans from different energy companies in one place.

And helpfully, they point out that switching providers is easy. They show you how to switch online in four easy steps. You don’t need to be at home for the change to take place and your supply will remain reliable is only your billing will change.

In addition to shopping around for better electricity deals, reducing the amount of electricity you use can have a big impact on your electricity bill. More on this in our next blog. Enjoy your electricity!

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